Compulsory Purchase

Compulsory purchase is quite common in Ireland. Government bodies use it to acquire privately owned property when they want to develop major infrastructure such as new roads, rail lines and water schemes.

For over 50 years Lisney has been advising and representing both acquiring bodies and affected private owners. From giving evidence at arbitrations right up to appeals to the High Court we have a vast amount of experience of the issues from both sides of the fence.

In fact, over the last ten years alone, we have acted in more than 4,000 cases of compulsorily purchase for all types of property in Ireland.

The Lisney team has been involved with some of the biggest compulsory purchase orders in recent years, including all existing and proposed light rail lines to date including Luas Cross City and the Metro North projects in Dublin, over 500 km of roads and various water, sewerage and arterial drainage schemes.

We have also worked on a great many cases where land and property has been compulsorily acquired for housing developments and under the Derelict Sites Act.