Commercial Rates

In Ireland, commercial rates are a local government tax paid by all occupiers of commercial property. An annual bill can be up to 20% of a business’ total property cost, which is why many occupiers find that commercial rates are one of the biggest expenses when doing business here.

Lisney believes that if your business has an opportunity to reduce its commercial rates, you should take it. That’s where we can help.

Lisney has been helping companies to reduce their business rates for 80 years. In fact, our company was originally founded as a rating advisory company in 1934 and so we have more experience in making representations and appeals to the valuation office than anyone else.

Right now, there are two rating systems operating in Ireland. The 2001 Valuation Act is only used by a small number of local authorities (mainly in Dublin) but as others follow, business occupiers can make representations and appeal the new valuations put on their properties.

The reason why it’s important to make your representation at that time is because if you don’t, you won’t be able to have your valuation reviewed for another ten years.

If you still fall under the older, more complex, system, you can only have your rates reassessed if you considerably change the structure of your property.

So whether you fall under the new or the old rating system, talk to Lisney now.