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22 May 2018
First Time Buyers continue to be the driving force in the Cork market with exceptional activity in the sub-€300,000 price bracket. Large uplifts in prices in this bracket are being driven primarily by a lack of supply and high demand.
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01 May 2018
The economy continues to grow and is edging closer to full employment.  Consumer confidence is generally positive having had a slight dip in February 2018.  Commentators suggest further economic growth in 2018 (ESRI forecasts +4.8%) and while there has been no dramatic increase in consumer spending power, general concerns in households seem to have eased, helping consumers loosen purse strings. Poor weather conditions in Q1 2018 have undoubtedly impacted retailers and in particular fashion retailers.  In spite of this, the volume of core retail sales (i.e. excluding motor trades) were 6.3% higher at the end of February compared to 12 months previous, while in value terms they were 3.8% higher.
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01 May 2018
First-time-buyer activity remained strong in Q1.  The Help-To-Buy scheme had a positive impact on the new homes market – 9.3% of the residential market in the last year in Dublin is made up of first time buyers purchasing newly built homes. The trading up market remains price sensitive and logistically challenged. Properties in turnkey condition are commanding a premium. Centrally located apartments remain in strong demand, particularly from buyers trading down from larger homes.
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01 May 2018
The latest national account figures from the CSO for Q4 2017 were again very positive. GDP grew by 7.8% in 2017 while GNP was up 6.6% in the year. On the expenditure side, consumption increased by 1.9% in the year. Capital investment declined by 22.3% in 2017, driven by lower imports of intellectual property products (IPP). Government expenditure exhibited an increase of 1.8 per cent over the same period. Meanwhile, exports grew 6.9% during the year while imports declined by 6.2%.
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