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10 January 2017

Welcome to our Annual Review & Outlook Report. Here you will find detailed information on the year that was and what we anticipate in 2017.

As always the world we operate in changes and we are determined to be on top of the markets we operate in and provide our clients with the right advice.

We look forward to working with you in 2017 and beyond.

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03 January 2017

The strong activity over the previous two years in the industrial market continued into 2016. Activity levels in Q4 were strong (66,600 sqm). The overall level of take-up for 2016 (259,700 sqm) is down on 2015 levels; however it is still a healthy level.


03 January 2017
2016 will be seen as the year that the largescale sale of loan books and property by financial institutions, following the crash, came close to its end. With an investment turnover of over €4.5bn, 2016 ranks as the second largest year historically; in terms of direct real estate investment (i.e. excluding loan book sales).
03 January 2017
Activity levels in Q4 were down on Q3 levels, however remained robust (69,900 sqm). The city centre was the most active region again, accounting for almost three quarters of all transactions. Occupiers from the IT sector led take-up in Q4, accounting for almost 40% of take-up. Total take up for the year reached a sizeable 231,000 sqm.

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