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07 August 2018
The market is going through somewhat of a transition with prices generally static but falling in some cases. Part of this is due to an increasing level in supply. There were 5,000 properties for sale in Dublin at the end of June, which is the highest availability since mid-2015. 
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07 August 2018
The latest national account figures from the CSO for Q1 2018 show the Irish economy continues to expand. GDP grew by 9.1% in the year to Q1 while GNP was up 8.8% in the year. On the expenditure side, consumption increased by 2.7% in the year while capital investment declined by 3.8%. Government expenditure increased by 3.7% over the same period. Meanwhile, exports grew 6.1% during the year while imports declined by 1.1%. 
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07 August 2018
Exceptional levels of activity continued into Q2 2017 with take-up reaching 83,300 sqm. The city centre was by far the most active region, accounting for 85% of all activity. In terms of occupier type, the IT sector ranked number one taking 38% of all space while the State accounted for 32%. US businesses dominated and were involved in 56% of all space transacted. The headline vacancy rate across Dublin remained below 10% at the end of June. 
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07 August 2018
Strong demand has continued throughout the first six months of 2018. Perhaps not surprisingly, premises situated within population heavy districts with large tourism traffic are driving this demand. Increased interest is also stemming from growth in bank lending to the sector together with non-traditional lenders providing additional options for propsective purchasers that were previously unable to secure funding. There remains an acute shortage of supply, particularly for well-located pubs. 
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