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09 May 2019
Following a strong year in the Cork investment market in 2018 (when about €270m worth of deals concluded), there was a quiet start to 2019.
Q1 2019 Cork Commercial.jpg
09 May 2019
Price growth continued in Q1 with the Lisney Residential Value Index for Cork growing 1.3% in the opening quarter.
Q1 2019 Cork Residential.jpg
09 May 2019
Total office take-up in Q1 2019 in Dublin reached 129,300 sqm across 45 deals. This was the largest first quarter activity on record, but it did include several remarkably large transactions.
Q1 2019 Dublin Offices.jpg
09 May 2019
Industrial take-up totalled 99,000 sqm in the opening quarter of 2019. However, 55% of this was made up of five large deals and 45% was made up of 30 smaller deals; highlighting that big space is still in good demand.
Q1 2019 Industrial.jpg

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