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10 January 2019

As the year begins there is a nervousness in some markets, with the 'known unknown' of Brexit looming large at the end of the first quarter.

At Lisney we are better placed to serve our clients in Irish property markets than ever before. We have invested in greater resources to provide our clients with access to the information, advice and quality service that they need to make good decisions.

This is The Lisney Outlook 2019, simply informing your future. 

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06 November 2018
Following strong activity in Q2, which saw the largest quarterly take-up since 2012, activity in Q3 was healthy albeit slower. Increased investor interest in warehouses and light industrial units has been notable, with a particularly strong appetite evident among private Irish investors. New developments are veyr welcome with both cpital and rental values maintaining an upward.
06 November 2018
Following an exceptionally strong Q2, where the Cork office market had the busiest quarter since 2012, activity in Q3 was noticabley tamer. Supply in surburban areas increased with the amount of available space growing by 5.8% in the quarter. Consequently, the vacancy rate incrased slightly to 13.6% up from 12.8%.
06 November 2018

The supply of new residential schemes is growing in a bid to meet the ever-increasing demand for new homes. Both the Help-to-Buy scheme and more efficient BERs are attracting buyers to new builds. With rising fuel costs and carbon tax likely to increase in future budgets, BER's for second-hand homes are becoming an increasing cause for concern among buyers and most especially among younger first-time buyers. 


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