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24 October 2017
Q3 has seen a significant jump in volumes to £199m following the quiet opening months of the year with less than £30m transacted in the run up to the summer. The most significant transaction being Wirefox’s acquisition of Castlecourt in a deal worth c. £123m.
22 August 2017
Investment transactions in the second quarter in NI very much mirrored the first quarter with transaction volumes of less than £20m, this was unsurprising in the context of the UK election which traditionally has a pausing effect on the investment market, this effect was somewhat amplified in the context of the wider macro political climate.
21 April 2017

The effects of the lead up to the Brexit referendum and the result that followed saw investors pause and contemplate what impact such an outcome may have on the economy and in turn the investment market. As a consequence, investment levels were constrained, reaching £213m in 2016 compared  to £420m in 2015.

10 January 2017
As we look back on 2016, Q4 was no less surprising than the rest of what will be remembered as a pivotal year in NI, UK and US politics. The market has, however, remained relatively robust in a number of areas. That said, like the EU referendum & US election, NI’s commercial property market had both winners and losers throughout the past 12 months.

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