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Trending Articles

31 January 2017

There’s just something about the Howth Road and the surrounding areas that makes it amongst the most sought-after in the country when it comes to property. Stretching from Fairview to Howth, the road brings you through some of the popular residential locations like Clontarf, Killester, Raheny, Sutton and out to the fishing village of Howth.

The demand for property is why Lisney chose Howth Road as the location for their new office. And it will be selling houses along the road from Clontarf, Killester and everything along the Howth Road through Sutton Cross.

11 April 2016

Anyone who grew up in Dundrum in the 80s probably remembers going to Wally Wabbits or playing down the old Pye walkway as a kid. Dundrum, once an outpost of the capital, has come into its own and the folks who got their first BMX from Joe Daly’s and hung out in the Dundrum Bowl still want to live there in their droves.

Of course, it helps that Dundrum has been reinvented as a shopping hub, not to mention the extension of the M50 and the arrival of the Luas.

11 March 2016

When you’re selling a house, it’s crucial to remember that looks matter. While location and price are often priorities one and two, the look of the house rounds out the top three in changing a ‘for sale’ sign to the coveted ‘sale agreed’.

Luckily for you, the aesthetics are the one thing that you can improve on a tight budget and timeframe. To help you along, here are 11 things to avoid when staging your home for potential buyers.

11 February 2016

Are you thinking of selling your home? If so, you could soon face some of the biggest decisions of your financial life.

When should you sell? What price should you set? What type of buyer are you aiming at? And which estate agent should you use?

Luckily, if you get the right answer to the last question, the many other queries will be answered for you as a matter of course.

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