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Trending Articles

27 May 2019

With the sun setting later each evening and the temps rising a bit each day, it’s that time of year to start planning your annual holidays. You might be looking to sunny Spain or the Algarve, but there’s a reason a record number of visitors are touching down in Ireland these days. Whether you’re looking for a city break, a seaside escape or a mountainous adventure, a staycation could be just the ticket! We’ve asked Andy Mullins, staycation expert and negotiator with our Leeson Street team, to give us the low down on staying put.

02 May 2019

The future is now, but do you feel like you can’t catch up with yesterday? Between the daily commute, shuffling the kids to and from school, doing the washing up, laundry and more, it’s hard to catch a break in today’s hectic world.  

However, with a sturdy wifi connection, smart home technology (otherwise known as the Internet of Things) can automate an astounding number of daily tasks, from hoovering to sous-vide cooking!

 Read on for our favourite ideas on turning your house into a smart home the easy way.

23 January 2019

Congratulations! You’ve accepted an offer, contracts are signed and you’re nearly ready to settle in to your new pad!

But before you can enjoy your new abode, there is bubble wrap to buy, boxes to pack and unpack, and movers to hire. How do you manage it all? Don’t worry- our experienced negotiators have been in your shoes before and know the in’s and out’s of moving house. Read on for our top tips and tricks from Lisney Divisional Director Ciarán Cassidy.

16 July 2018

So,  you’ve had your market appraisal. Now, you know what your home is worth and you’ve made the decision to sell.

Once your questions have been answered by a knowledgeable negotiator, you’ll be ready to make your next move. But before you begin boxing up your home, you’ll need to find a buyer. In 2018, this means working alongside your agent to create a dynamic marketing campaign across newspapers and the internet, showcasing your home to as many potential buyers as possible. Don’t know where to begin? With the help of Lisney Residential Director John O’Sullivan, we’ll walk you through this important next step in selling your home. 

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