For hundreds of years, Irish literary legends Bram Stoker and Oscar Wilde have sent shivers of fear down readers’ backs with tales of blood-sucking vampires and ghostly hauntings.

But what about tales from modern Ireland?

While we’ve all heard the stories of the Hellfire Club, Loftus Hall, and the myriad abbeys, gaols, and sprawling castles across the country, today we’re taking a look at six of Ireland’s lesser-known haunted homes.

We’ll let you decide whether you believe them or not!

1. Hollyhill, Cork

Go back to 2010 and the Burke family were only six months in their house when ghostly rumblings began. Holy pictures were knocked from the walls; screams were heard in the night; and their son was flung from his bed.

The family fled from the house and an exorcism was performed by a New Age shaman to drive away the ghosts.

“It’s an evil spirit – I don’t believe it means us well,” said Laura Burke, in an interview with the Belfast Telegraph.

The shaman is said to have been successful in driving hundreds of spirits from the house, but it probably still took the occupants a while to get a full night’s sleep!

2. Sharon Rectory, Donegal

Described as offering a ‘gracious living accommodation in privacy and seclusion’ the Sharon Rectory sounded like an ideal property for a family looking for peace and quiet in the countryside.

However, there was a gruesome story behind the supposedly haunted house. In 1797, a double murder occurred in the house, with rumours of the deceased haunting the property in the centuries since.

A ‘blue lady’ was said to haunt the house nightly. With a guide price of €1.5 million in 2006, the house offered great value and a historic twist for buyers who weren’t afraid of blue ladies who go bump in the night.

3. Mizen Head, Cork

Ghost Catcherie is the personal blog of an Irish paranormal investigator. In a blog entry dated August 2010, the investigator tells the story of a family home in West Cork that was plagued by a poltergeist.

According to the family, the house was haunted by two spirits: one harmless and one sinister. At the peak of the haunting, the family heard the ghost of a spirit through the baby monitor saying “don’t worry, I’ll look after you.”


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4. Shantallow, Derry

An anonymous Derry mum was driven to a ‘nervous breakdown’ in 2009 by the supernatural haunting of her house in Shantallow. In her years living in the house, the woman was haunted by the occult.

Drawers would open and close on their own while the sound of someone dragging a heavy object echoed through the house. One night, the woman was in bed when she woke to the feeling of something lying on her chest.

Speaking to the Derry Journal, the woman said, “on one occasion they [paranormal investigators] asked the spirits to clarify their presence by knocking; first there were two knocks, then they kept coming.”

5. Corrach Buí, Galway

Sandra Ramdhanie was a ghostbuster and psychologist who was born on Halloween night. With a life-long interest in the occult, Ramdhanie’s most famous cases include exorcising the Dromquinna Manor Hotel, leading the FBI in search of the body of a missing teen, and working with the Fahey family in Galway.

In another story revolving around Ramdhanie, a second Galway family were forced to call in the ghostbuster to help rid their home in Rahoon of ghostly activity.

As told to the Galway Independent, the Corcoran family lived in an area of Rahoon that had seen so many spooky occurrences that multiple neighbours ‘were forced to leave’.

According to the Corcoran family, the ghost of a young girl had led their daughter downstairs to lure her away, and John, the father, was attacked by a violent spirit.

6. Ballymahon, Longford

In 1985, an RTÉ news bulletin told the story of the Courtney family who left their council home in Ballymahon because they believed it was haunted. Speaking to RTÉ, family matriarch Mary Courtney told how she heard strange noises like a ‘heavy flapping…just like an animal with chains.’

Following months of unexplainable noises, flickering lights, and ghostly disturbances, the family called in the help of the local church.

If you’re looking for a Halloween-y scare, the news bulletin is available to watch in the RTÉ archives here.

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