Chances are, everyone you know is a master of ‘hygge’. The Danish term translates to a feeling of general comfort translates to a feeling of general comfort, softness and cosy tranquillity. It’s essentially turning a duvet-day into a lifestyle concept, and is so popular that your granny, neighbour, childminder and dentist are all likely well-skilled in the art of fuzzy socks and hot mugs of cider!

Turns out, we have our own version here in Ireland. Say hello to ‘teolaí’ and learn how to turn the cold winter months ahead into a comforting, homespun cosiness!

Have a Cuppa

There’s no better place to start teolaí-fying than with a warm mug of something tasty. Whether a classic cuppa tea or a fresh flat white is more your style, sip mindfully and enjoy the warmth of a hot drink while winter rain lashes outside. Keep the kettle at the ready for all-day-long comfort, and maybe have a bottle of something stronger on hand for those particularly chilly nights (hot whiskey anyone?)

Wooly Warmers 

There’s no better place to be than Ireland for cuddling up in warm layers! From your head to your toes, go Irish with an Aran jumper, wool socks and soft blankets from local favourites such as John Hanly or Foxford Woollen Mills. As if we needed another excuse for a duvet-day!

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The Full Irish

Is there anything more comforting than a plate of rashers, beans and puddings on an icy morning? Not to us and luckily, the Irish do it better than anyone! Start your day off right with a classic full fry-up and don’t forget that there are plenty of veggie and vegan options nowadays as well.

Light a Fire

When the wind rattles the windows and pelting rain soaks through to the bone, there’s only one fix: a fire. Grab a good book and warm up by the crackling flames. Living in an apartment? Light a few candles and enjoy the glow, or click here for a comforting favourite: a YouTube fireplace video, sure to give you the cosy vibes without the clean-up afterwards!

Time with Friends and Family

Neither the softest blanket in the world, the hottest fire nor the most delicious cup of tea can give you the same warm fuzzies as spending time with the people you love. At the heart of comfort, be it hygge or teolaí, are the hours spent in good company. In normal times, a night in the pub wouldn’t be the same without our friends and we can still enjoy this aspect of teolaí even in lockdown. Schedule in a Zoom drink, send a care package to those who need it most, or simply enjoy a cup of tea and a phone call with Mam to stay happy and cosy, from far away.


About the Author

Hailing from the Nebraskan plains, content creator Zoe Yohn currently lives in Dublin.

As marketing executive for Lisney, she has a devoted interest in learning more about Ireland's property market, both professionally and personally. 

Zoe has recently earned her MA in Anglo-Irish Literature and Drama at UCD and is a writer, social media specialist and French fry connoisseur. 


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