The future is now, but do you feel like you can’t catch up with yesterday? Between the daily commute, shuffling the kids to and from school, doing the washing up, laundry and more, it’s hard to catch a break in today’s hectic world.  

However, with a sturdy wifi connection, smart home technology (otherwise known as the Internet of Things) can automate an astounding number of daily tasks, from hoovering to sous-vide cooking!

 Read on for our favourite ideas on turning your house into a smart home the easy way.

Smart speakers, like Amazon’s Alexa or Google’s Assistant, are perhaps the best known household helpers, but there are countless ways to future-proof your home and save you a few hours each day with smart technology. Today’s smart devices and apps are quick and easy to install and can be enjoyed right away!


  1. Hot Spot

Smart thermostat systems take warming your space to a whole new level. Besides the convenience of having your home warmed-up exactly when you want it to be, smart heaters can save you heaps in automating and optimizing your electricity usage by shutting down when there’s no one in the house or kicking on if there’s a draught.

Nest Thermostat1

  1. Smart Safety
Keeping your home safe is easier than ever with the help of smart home camera and alarm systems. These modern, wifi-enabled cameras mean no more awkward installation to accommodate wires and most will capture crystal clear HD video. Smart functionality also takes the guess work out of setting your alarm; if you leave the house in a rush, you can simply log-in to mobile apps and double check your house is secure.

  1. Light Bright

Dimmer switches require costly re-wiring, but you can get the same atmospheric effect with smart technology. It’s as simple as, well, changing a lightbulb! Smart lighting allows you to switch bulbs on and off, dim them and even change the colour of your home’s lighting to best suit the mood. You can give your wake-up routine an upgrade by setting lamps to turn on when you need to get out of bed.  


  1. Grow Glow Up
With smart technology, green thumbs are no longer a pre-requisite to cooking with garden-fresh ingredients. Smart gardens can grow all kinds of fruits, veg, herbs and flowers from your kitchen counter. Just plant, plug-in and let your smart garden take care of the rest. Smart units can optimise lighting and watering so your plants receive the perfect amount of nutrients!

  1. Easy Tea-sy

Sometimes the best innovations are the simplest, as is the case with smart kettles. You can literally wake up and smell the coffee by scheduling your kettle to heat up before you’re out of bed in the morning. Automate a boiling schedule, adjust temperature and more all from the comfort of your bed with handy apps or voice control connections.

You don’t need to be a tech whiz to live smart and save time. By installing a few smart devices here and there, you can make the most out of your home and enjoy life in it to the fullest!


About the author: Zoe Yohn

Hailing from the Nebraskan plains, content creator Zoe Yohn is new to the housing market in Dublin and buying and selling property generally.

As marketing executive for Lisney, she has a devoted interest in learning more about Ireland's property marketing, both professionally and personally. 

Zoe has recently earned her MA in Anglo-Irish Literature and Drama at UCD and is a writer, social media specialist and French fry connoisseur. 


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