06 November 2020

Chances are, everyone you know is a master of ‘hygge’. The Danish term translates to a feeling of general comfort translates to a feeling of general comfort, softness and cosy tranquillity. It’s essentially turning a duvet-day into a lifestyle concept, and is so popular that your granny, neighbour, childminder and dentist are all likely well-skilled in the art of fuzzy socks and hot mugs of cider!

Turns out, we have our own version here in Ireland. Say hello to ‘teolaí’ and learn how to turn the cold winter months ahead into a comforting, homespun cosiness!

28 October 2020


David Byrnepodcast

Lisney, Ireland’s largest independently-owned property advisory company, has launched a new podcast series which offers another way for clients and property enthusiasts to stay connected to the latest news in all aspects of the Irish property market. 

The ‘Lisney Property Podcast’ features weekly episodes which can be found on the firm’s website and across all other social media platforms. Featuring a host of Lisney experts operating across all aspects of the property market, each episode offers a unique insight into how the market has responded to the challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic and what can be expected into Q3 2020. 

Featured episodes turn a spotlight on the following operational areas:

  • Residential
  • Lettings 
  • Industrial
  • Development Land
  • Offices
  • Retail
  • Licensed & Leisure 
  • The property market in Cork 
  • The property market under Covid conditions featuring MD David Byrne

You can download each episode as they are released below or you can find them on Spotify and Apple Podcasts


01 - Lettings Market Update -


02 - Retail Market Update -


03 - Industrial Market Update -


04 - The property market in Cork -


05 - The Residential Market -


06 - The Office Market -


07 - The Development Land Market -


08 - A view of the property market in Ireland -



27 October 2020

This Halloween promised a few spooky surprises. It falls on a blue moon and a Saturday, and while we may have been anticipating some socially distant trick-or-treating, there was yet another bombshell in store: lockdown.

Even without the hunting for sweets house-to-house or festive parties, there are still plenty of ways for you and your family to celebrate spooky season at home!

22 October 2020

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