15 January 2020

Is an interior update on your resolutions list for 2020? Before you start making plans for redecorating the gaff, read our top five interior design trends coming up this year. You (and your home!) will thank us!

17 December 2019

As the song goes, we’re well into the most ‘wonderful time of the year’. But if you’re hosting the Christmas dinner in your own home, a few other descriptions might come to mind…frantic, stressful, busy. If you’re already feeling that your goose is cooked, don’t worry. Howth Road agent Eoin O’Toole is here to help you stay sane during the holidays!

12 November 2019
There are as many different types of house buyers out there as there are…well, houses! What works for some might not work for you. So, if the thought of inheriting someone’s previously loved kitchen is not your idea of home sweet home, a new build might be exactly what you’re looking for!

New Homes Divisional Director Stephanie Patterson is the expert when it comes to buying a new home, that is one that is freshly constructed and hasn’t been owned or lived-in before! We’ve asked her all of your burning questions on buying new!

17 October 2019

Forget the classic candle and hand cream set, we’ve put together a list of five brilliant housewarming gifts that new homeowners will actually use (and love!) in their new gaff for years to come! 

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