27 November 2018

Buying a home is the first step, but where do you start in designing an interior that you love?

22 November 2018

When you know, you know!

24 October 2018

Now your home is prepped for weekly open viewings and your estate agent has a diary full of appointments with interested viewers eager to get a feel for your property.

Soon enough, you’ll have more than excited buyers stopping by your home. When surveyors, builders and architects begin ringing your estate agent for a browse, you’ll know buyers are getting serious and you can start thinking seriously about the next stage: accepting an offer.  You might feel excited, apprehensive or both. Above all, you’ll probably have more than a few questions. What if the offers I get are too low? How do I know what a ‘good offer’ is? What happens after I accept a bid? Lisney Residential Director David Byrne has answered these questions and more so you’ll know exactly what to do when it comes to navigating your bidding situation.  

22 October 2018

Do you remember the excitement, the searching and the unlocking of your first home? 

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