Meticulous property market research makes us better prepared.

As Lisney has extensive agency and advisory services departments we can provide our clients with deep insight, extensive coverage and informed knowledge of the market.

That means we can produce intelligent, independent property market research. In fact, we pride ourselves on the quality of the research we produce and we know it gives Lisney clients better information on which to make important decisions.

We maintain some of the most comprehensive and accurate databases of market information. We’ve kept many records since 1960 and so, unlike anyone else, we can provide long-term time-series analyses of various sectors.

Not only do we publish our own periodic reports, we also carry out bespoke demand and supply assessments to meet the specific needs of our investment, financial, developer and occupier clients.

We even hold half-day seminars twice a year.

If you’d like to receive our quarterly reports on the various market sectors, click here.

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